This is a place to celebrate the life of Polly Tolonen. A young woman who lived her life with beauty, grace, talent and boundless energy. May she continue to inspire us and live in our hearts and memories forever.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I think about you all the time.... Have really been missing you a lot lately. You'll never believe that Eavan just turned 10 and Nick is now 18. I was looking through pictures to find good ones of Nick for his senior yearbook ad and it dawned on me that you never got to see him with his braces off. I hope and pray that you're able to see them grow up from where you are... such awesome kids, I'm so lucky.

There are tons of turtles all in and around the lake where I run. Today the thought occurred to me that maybe I should bring Goobs down here and let him be free - is there such a thing as a turtle being too domesticated to live in the wild? He probably wouldn't get his cottage cheese out there so maybe it's not such a good idea. He's just been so active lately in his aquarium - I told Eavan to let him out and run around her room tomorrow while she's at school.

So much I want to catch you up on - hopefully you already know about everything... if so you probably know that I haven't been the same since you left. I miss the old me but I miss you more...

Love you