This is a place to celebrate the life of Polly Tolonen. A young woman who lived her life with beauty, grace, talent and boundless energy. May she continue to inspire us and live in our hearts and memories forever.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A place for us all to post

I wanted to start this blog for Polly.  My friend, my L.A. sister.  There are so many days and moments that I think of her and always with a smile.  Polly and I laughed more than anything else.  I want to be able to share and have others share stories, memories and video of her wonderful life.  Polly touched so many people in her time here and I want to be able to have a place were we can all post memories, stories, thoughts, videos...all things Polly.  


Expressing Motherhood said...

Great idea!
Love Polly.
Love the idea!
Looking forward to reading and writing about one of my favorite people.

Just me, Heid said...

Very comfortable, very comforting...I had to take the 'tour' to find out what blogging is all about. Little did I know I'm just one big blog, blahg, blaaahg! Maybe this will help me get the little things out as they occur rather than holding up for days then - blaaahg! Hey, give me a break, after all you guys know who my sister is! I love her; I miss her; I know she loves and misses us. Thank you Kari for starting this for us.

Anonymous said...

Kari, thanks for doing this for us all in remembrance of Polly. My love and memories I have of Polly are extremely clear, but to put those into words for others to read I find difficult. However, I find it soothing to read about what others have to say of my sister, so I will try to share some thoughts of my own.

Love, Chris